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Super-soft foam pool saddle is a saddle shaped float ideal for floating and relaxing. Made of soft, durable vinyl coated foam. The Pool Saddle™ Gives your arms and legs freedom for paddling around in lake, pool or aquatic therapy. It can also be used outside the pool as a seat cushion.

Approximate Dimensions: 21" × 21" with 1.5" thickness.

Made in USA.
Children can feel the difference! 100% Super Soft!
XSmall - (
21''-23'' chest size 30 - 50 lbs)
Small - ( 23''-24'' chest size 30 - 50 lbs)
Medium - (26-29" Chest Weight: 50 - 90 lbs)

The most comfortable U.S. Coast Guard Approved Vest on the market, used at most major water theme parks and resorts. Once your youth uses a Super Soft vest, they won’t use anything else. The right size, fit, and softness gives youths the confidence they need in the water.

Teach Your Youth Well….teach your youth how to put on a Personal Flotation Device and help them get used to wearing one in the water. To work right, a PFD must fit snugly on your youth. An adult should always be near, a Type III Swim Vest allows swimming and a youth must learn to tilt their heads back to avoid water in their faces. Inflatable toys and rafts should not be used in place of PFD’s. can ship Texas Rec Life Vests direct to your home in Baltimore, Cleveland, Lousville, Paducah, Lexington, Miami, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Tampa, Clearwater or anywhere in the United States or Canada! has you and your family's safety in mind!