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For most pool owners, algae growth is the most difficult problem they encounter. It prevents your pool from being crystal clear, it doesn't look good and can be extremely frustrating. Most pools deal with three types of algae: green, yellow, and black. All three have different visual characteristics and will be treated differently to remove.

Green algae is the most common type of algae and can be seen on walls and floors of the pool as well as cause cloudiness to the pool water. Green algae brushes easily and needs to be stirred up to kill it. High chlorine level and a killing dose of Algae Kill 60, Aqua Pure or Skill-it will eliminate it.

Yellow algae, sometimes referred to as 'mustard algae', is light and dusty and looks like dust on the pool bottom. It does not cause cloudiness and needs to be brushed well to eliminate it. It can be killed with Aqua Pure and High chlorine.

Black algae grows in small dots on the pool surface. It protects itself better than other types of algae and needs to be vigorously brushed to scrape off the top layer of protective film to kill the algae. Skill-it and Aqua Pure work really well against black algae.

Although there are thousands of strains of algae these three common types are what most pool owners experience in their pools. If you see algae in your pool, there is one other step you can take to kill it. There is a product by Biodex, called Phosphate Remover. Phosphate Remover kills phosphates in the water. Phosphates are the food that algae needs to eat to survive. If you eliminate the food source, you can effectively eliminate that algae. Use a weekly dose and never have algae again!