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When you own a spa, you know that there is a certain amount of chemical maintenance that goes into spa ownership. Using the proper chemicals that work best for you can be the difference in enjoying your spa, or being frustrated with it.

Swim Things carries many different types and brands of chemicals to ensure you get the chemicals that are a correct fit for you and your needs. You may choose to go with more traditional chemicals such as bromine or chlorine, because they may be what you are most comfortable with, or what you have always done. You may choose to go with bromine and chlorine alternatives, because you want the best option, or you just do not like to deal with skin irritation.

The alternatives that we currently offer are the Baquaspa and SilkBalance chemical lines. Both Baquaspa and SilkBalance are chlorine alternatives. Baquaspa uses special test strips, whereas SilkBalance does not require the use of test strips. Baquaspa has a three step system: Waterline Control, Oxidizer and Sanitizer. These three products, along with the pH and alkalinity balancers are the main chemicals in the system. SilkBalance requires the use of the main liquid once per week, and then a very small amount of di-chlor and oxidizer. It has no requirement for balancers as the SilkBalance is a pH and alkalinity buffering product.

No matter what chemical line or type you choose for you spa, you can have an enjoyable, successful, safe experience in your spa with the help of the spa professionals at Swim Things.