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wim Things is passionate about swimming and supporting local swim teams.

Are you ordering for your School, League, Team or Organization? Do you need help placing a bulk order or want customized suits or gear? Are you having trouble finding a special product? If so, we can help. Contact our Team Sales Department today to take advantage of our tremendous selection, excellent customer service and extremely competitive prices.
Contact us for all your team swim gear, suits, bags, goggles, and accessories 888-242-7946.

Swim Things appreciates everyone who loves water as much as we do, and that’s why we support Missouri Valley swim clubs. We carry many high-end athletic brands and are the largest Speedo dealer in the area. We have a large selection of caps, goggles, suits and accessories to outfit teams, leagues and organizations. Swim Things makes it easy to locate and order all your team gear online as well as in our store. Contact us and you’ll quickly see why so many teams choose to be outfitted by Swim Things year after year.

The company started over forty-five years ago, in 1973, and started as a company dedicated to serving local swim teams. Chuck Baldwin, founder of Swim Things, taught life-saving lessons over the years and always saw the value in teaching people to become strong swimmers.

Because of this background, and because Chuck is still involved in the day-to-day operations, we care deeply about our local swim teams. Joining a swim team for a child can bring a sense of belonging and teach important life skills. Learning to swim, and swim strongly, is very important. Learning to be part of a team teaches children what it means to compete. Swim Things still supplies swimwear and accessories to most of the local swim teams in Kansas City, and we pride ourselves on serving the members of those teams.

We have many certified swimwear fitters, who would be happy to assist you to ensure that you get the correct fit for your child to set them up for success. We also have several employees who were swimmers as children and current swimmers at local high schools. Because of this experience, you can trust that when you talk with a Swim Things employee about swimming, you will be talking with an expert. And swim teams are just a small part of the expertise. Swim Things hopes to excel in everything we do. We hope to earn your trust with our service and also earn your repeat business.
Join a swim team today and get started on your journey. Below are links to swim clubs in the Missouri Valley.