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Hot Tub Spa Fragrances and Therapy Soaks

InSPAration spa fragrances are the top of the line in the fragrance industry for spas. They are a non-alcohol based fragrance that gives a great aroma to the water for short periods of time. The greatest part of this product is that it is not exclusively meant for spas. They can be used in bathtubs, whirlpool baths, small pools, hot tubs, and spas.

InSPAration has been manufacturing fragrances and aromatherapy for over 30 years and is the leader in their industry. After being tested by several acrylic manufacturers such as DuPont, InSPAration has proven to be safe on all acrylic surfaces like spas, hot tubs, and bath tubs.

One commonly asked question is, “what do these fragrances do to my water chemistry?” The answer is simple. These chemicals DO NOT AFFECT pH or alkalinity and they do not cause foaming problems in your spa. The best way to know is to test it for yourself.

Although not a solution for unbecoming odors in your spa, this is a great way to mask unwanted smells and give a pleasant smell to you spa instead of a strong chlorine or bromine smell. Some of the fragrances that are offered include, but are not limited to, Eucalyptus Mint, Passion, Tahitian Tropic, Cucumber Melon, Lavender, Romance, Tranquility, and April Showers. InSPAration also offers many seasonal fragrances such as Candy Cane for Christmas time.

Let Swim Things and InSPAration make your spa an even more enjoyable experience by making it smell like a paradise.