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About Pool Shock

Maintenance doses of shock are recommended to prevent algae growth and oxidize built up chloramines. The need for a shock treatment is the highest after heavy bather use, days of hot sunshine, and after periods of heavy rain. Use shock during these conditions to maintain crystal clear water. The term shock is actually a term that describes the function of a chemical oxidizing water. “Shock” could be in the form of chlorine or non-chlorine. Chlorine shocks increase the level of chlorine in the pool or spa and are an EPA registered sanitizer. You would likely use a chlorine shock any time the chlorine level is below one part per million. Secondly, the other kind of shock available is non-chlorine shock and it is not an EPA registered sanitizer. For instance, potassium monopersulfate is the oxidizer most commonly used in spas as a shock for a bromine system, but also used in pools and chlorine spas. In a chlorine pool or spa, you would use this type of shock to free up chlorine that is being tied up by bacteria.

Many people get confused between the difference in granular chlorine and shock. The majority of pool owners have trouble distinguishing which is which. When most people refer to “shock”, they are simply referring to granular chlorine used to sanitize the water quickly. Find the shock you need to help keep your water the way you want! Swim Things has many pool professionals available daily to help you with your pool and spa.