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Swim Things is the distributer for Meyco Pool Products. Meyco offers many quality parts available to the consumer.

Meyco Pop-Up Anchors are a Swim Things recommended anchor that is made of brass. The pop-up style saves the user time and energy. These reliable anchors only require one-half turn to pop them up and lock them in.

Meyco Screw-Type Anchors are the other anchor option. The screw-type anchor is slightly shorter than the pop-up style anchor. The screw type anchor is made of 100% brass and is not equipped with a spring (like the pop-up anchor).

The Meyco Installation Rod is available in two sizes (24” and 36”). The installation rod makes the job of installing a pool cover much easier. In fact, installing a Meyco cover is near impossible without this tool.

The Meyco Patch Kit is one of the top sellers at Swim Things. If your cover has a small tear, this is the way to repair it. Repair any tear or hole under 4” x 8”. These kits include three self-adhesive patches. These patch kits are available in many color options and are a factory color match to your Meyco pool cover. However, keep in mind that these patches will match the original color of the cover and do not account for your cover’s sun fading!

The Meyco Springs come in two sizes (5.5” and 7.5”). The springs are an essential part of the cover. They allow the cover to stretch and fit perfectly on whichever pool you are putting it on.

Order all the Meyco parts you need right here from the Swim Things website or call if you need assistance 816-224-2600.