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Bullfrog Spas JetPak Therapy System™

Bullfrog Spas JetPak Therapy System™ is the only hot tub in the industry that allows you to personalize your spa experience. With 18 JetPak® options available, each one is designed to provide a unique massage with unique wellness benefits providing a massage designed especially for you. You can design your hot tub for your personal needs and preferences, and since JetPaks® are interchangeable, you can upgrade JetPaks or move them to different locations within the spa at any time.

AcuTherapy Alleviate Cascadia Deep Relief
AcuTherapy JetPak Alleviate JetPak Cascadia JetPak Deep Relief JetPak
AcuTherapy Video Alleviate Video Deep Relief Video

FibroTherapy Gyrossage Lumbar NeckBlaster
FibroTherapy JetPak Gyrossage JetPak Lumbar JetPak NeckBlaster JetPak
FibroTherapy Video Gyrossage Video Lumbar Video NeckBlaster Video

NeckMasseuse Oscillator Pulsator RainShower
NeckMasseuse JetPak Oscillator JetPak Pulsator JetPak Rainshower JetPak
Oscillator Video Pulsator Video RainShower Video

Reliever Spinal Health Spinalssage Trio
Reliever JetPak Spinalhealth JetPak Spinalssage JetPak Trio JetPak
Reliever Video Spinal Health Video Spinalssage Video

Versa Wellness
Versa JetPak Wellness JetPak
Versa Video Wellness Video