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Swim Things has a cleaner for just about everything. We carry cleaners for spa covers, pool covers, vinyl liners, tile, decks, and filters.

First of all, there are many cleaners available for spa covers nationwide. Brilliance brand spa cover cleaner is the premier cover cleaner around. It digs in deep to get tough dirt off of a spa cover. Drying out the cover is the only negative affect that cover cleaners are known for. To combat this, we offer a product called 303 aerospace wipes.

In addition, Swim Things carries cleaners for vinyl liners as well. Biodex Quick ‘N Thick Cleaner is the ideal cleaner to use in or above water on your vinyl liner. It removes tough deposits that water leaves and also removes algae and stains. Thirdly, Biodex Tile Cleaner is used to clean tile around the waterline of pools. Much like tile in a bathroom, the tile line in a pool is an area that can collect scum and other deposits like calcium. Cleaning the pool deck is one area that pool owners tend to neglect. Deck Cleaner by Biodex is the best way to ensure your deck looks great. This product cleans and protects your pool deck. Finally, Swim Things also carries many different types of filter cleaners for cartridges and sand filters. Swim Things home brand cartridge filter cleaner is specially formulated to work more quickly than average filter cleaners. You can simply spray it on your pool or spa filters and rinse them off in 15 minutes! After that you are done. Swim Things has every kind of cleaner you need.