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Swim Things offers chlorine in many different forms. Chlorine is available as sodium di-chloride, calcium hypochlorite (commonly referred to as cal-hypo), tablets (tri-chlor) and liquid chlorine. Each of these forms of chlorine have strengths and benefits.

Sodium di-chloride is commonly used in hot tubs, spas, and pools. It consists of 99% pure di-chlor. With 56% available chlorine, it is still an extremely good sanitizer. Di-chlor is a quick-dissolving, high-end sanitizer that is mostly used in residential pools more than commercial pools.

Calcium hypochlorite is the most commonly used sanitizer in swimming pools. Commonly referred to as “shock”, this sanitizer is available at sixty-eight percent and seventy-eight percent potency at Swim Things.

Swim Things offers several kinds of chlorine tablets. We offer multipurpose tablets (with clarifier and algaecide), and tri-chlor tablets. We also offer one inch tablets for spa users.

Liquid chlorine is the last chlorine option we offer at Swim Things. Liquid chlorine is used frequently when winterizing a pool or when the pool is too cold to dissolve normal chlorine. Swim Things prefers to use liquid chlorine during the winterization process, because it will instantly become mixed with you pool water. The only negative of liquid chlorine is the fifteen percent available chlorine that it offers.

Come talk with a pool and spa professional at Swim Things Incorporated. We would love to help you solve your pool problems, help you manage your pool, and help you discover which type of chlorine would work best for you.