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Swim Things offers many ways to keep your pool or spa clear and silky-smooth during the swimming season. Some of the products available include Biodex Clearex #500, Baquacil Flocculant, Leisure Time Bright and Clear, Spa Perfect and Pool Magic Spring and Fall.

Biodex Clearex #500 helps to clear up haziness by grabbing on to tiny particles found in hazy water. After this happens, the particles group together and become larger, thus allowing the filter to catch them.

Clearex #500 is not a chemical that replaces a correct sanitizer level. Make sure you have a sanitizer level in range before you rely on Clearex.

Secondly, Baquacil Flocculant is a unique product made of the chemical compound aluminum sulfate. Commonly referred to as “floc”; aluminum sulfate helps to “drop” all of the suspended particles in pool water, leaving you with a clean pool. This is a more extreme product than Clearex and it does require a decent amount of clean-up time.

Thirdly, Leisure Time Bright and Clear is the spa version of Clearex. It grabs tiny particles and helps to clear youR water by sending those particles to your filter. Spa Perfect is an enzyme for your hot tub. This product is specifically designed to make your water feel better than your water did before you used it. It also cuts down on slime.

Finally, Pool Magic Spring and Fall is the ideal product to use when opening and closing a pool. This enzyme based product cuts down on the amount of algae growth you can have over the winter months. Use this product, and you will be much more likely to have a clear pool at opening.