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We carry replacement parts, covers, pool & spa chemicals, hot tubs, patio furniture, swimwear, games and more. If it’s swimming related, we have it!


Come see the Swim Things retail store for yourself. Browse the 5,000 square foot showroom, complete with two indoor model pools for design inspiration. We carry everything from replacement parts, covers and chemicals to spas, patio furniture, swimwear and games. If it’s swimming related, we have it! All of our products are quality guaranteed and the warranty is backed by our service department. Our knowledgeable staff will also be happy to help you find what you need. Feel free to browse the inventory and gather ideas for a backyard renovation or to prepare for a pool party. If you are outside of the Kansas City area you can shop our online store. We are conveniently located in Blue Springs on West 40 Highway. Call us at 888-242-7946 for directions.


We have over 20,000 swimsuits in stock! From fashion suits to competitive swim team suits, we have an outstanding selection of swimwear, unrivaled by our competitors. We stock brands like Speedo, La Blanca, Bleu, Roxy, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Body Glove, Tommy Bahama, Beach House, Lauren, Jolyn, Arena and many more.


Water chemistry is very important to the finish and durability of your pool structure as well as your filter equipment. It is important to know how to keep your pool clear and in proper balance to maintain a corrosion-free and scale-free environment. We have trained professionals on staff to help you with all your water chemistry needs.


We stock over 20,000 replacement parts for all types of equipment (for filters, pumps, motors, etc.). In addition to having those items in stock, we have competent and efficient in-house technicians that would be happy to help you troubleshoot your equipment issue as well as repair your pool/spa equipment.


We can complement any decor with our extensive line of outdoor furniture and accessories. Swim Things prides itself on having hundreds of unique accent items for your backyard. Items like; Tervis, Swig, outdoor pool signs, coolers, towel trees, chiefs decor and accessories and more.


Bull Frog Spas are the premier spa in the industry. These spas were designed by an experienced service technician, who was tired of the problems associated with traditional spas (leaks, little jet power, etc.). To combat this problem, he developed an idea to put the plumbing in the water of the spa so it would not leak. His thought was to put this behind facades in the spa, creating modular seat backs called JetPaks. These JetPaks make for a virtually leak-proof, fully customizable jet experience.


If you can play with it in the water, we sell it at Swim Things! Volleyball, basketball, underwater games, diving games, floats of all types, all are available online or in our store. Brands like Swimways, Swimline, Coconuts, Pool Candy, Texas Recreation and Coop Sport, just to name a few.