One of the first decisions you’ll make when planning your gunite pool is its shape. Since gunite offers limitless creativity, a freeform pool can be designed seamlessly into your landscape.

Freeform pools can also be integrated into your yard’s natural contour—harmonious with spas, slides, landscaping and water features. The artistic elegance of a freeform pool will enhance your home and your landscape.

Swim Things designers will assess your backyard space, and then simulate how different pool shapes would look on your property, including hardscaping, landscaping, and any pool options you choose.

Using the same innovative craftsmanship, we can design the perfect gunite spa to compliment your gorgeous aquatic oasis.

In addition to valuable health benefits, there are several other advantages to a gunite spa embellishing your pool. A SwimThings spa can be an excellent venue to share with family and friends, as well as increase the value of your property beyond a pool alone.

A spa can also provide relief for muscle and arthritis pain, lower blood pressure, Improve blood circulation, contribute to general relaxation, and facilitate a satisfying escape from life’s stresses.

Freeform pool

Rectangle Gunite pool & spa

18x36 Gunite pool with spa

Free form with spillover spa

Free form with rock waterfall

Free from with sun ledge and sheer descent waterfalls

Freeform custom Gunite pool

Freeform Gunite swimming pool & spa

16x36 Rectangle Gunite swimming pool with L

Commercial pool & spa

Figure 8

20x40 Gunite with L & Bullfrog hot tub

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