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A premium hot tub by Bullfrog Spas will enrich your life, enhance your home, and improve your well being. The only hot tubs personalized for your unique body, home, and lifestyle. We have many spas for sale.

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Bullfrog Spas was founded by David Ludlow, a former spa technician at his parents’ company (Dolphin Pool and Spa). He grew tired and frustrated with spas and hot tubs that leaked. Leak repair in quality spas involves removing layer upon layer of sprayed-in foam. It is time consuming and in some cases almost impossible to fix. David stayed up late one night brainstorming about how to create a spa that did not have this type of a leaking issue.

After many hours of pondering, he came up with a way to put the plumbing of the spa in the water, thus if that plumbing failed in any way, the spa would only leak back into itself and never leak out of the spa. He then found a way to hide that plumbing behind facades that later would be known as JetPaks. JetPak technology is the innovation that makes Bullfrog Spas the most unique and highest quality spa in the industry.

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