Natural Chemistry 2L Pool Perfect + Phos Free
Natural Chemistry PP + PF 2L

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Natural Chemistry® Pool Perfect® plus PhosFree®

Natural Chemistry® Pool Perfect plus PhosFree® provides 2 stages of protection for your pool:

Stage 1 - the natural enzymes in Pool Perfect "eat up" or consume more organic waste and matter than is otherwise oxidized when the "boost" or "shock" setting is used.  Using enzymes lead to a cleaner pool and plumbing system overall.

Stage 2 - The PhosFree® in Pool Perfect® breaks down the build ups of phosphates from dead skin cell, chemicals, etc, that is one of the 2 major food sources (phosphates and carbon dioxide) for algae.

Important for Salt-Chlorine Generators: More of the carbon phosphate that does build up on the electrolysis plates of the salt generator cell is more readily broken down by the PhosFree® component.  Normal cleaning or even acid washing of the cell does completely remove this kind of scale, whereas the PhosFree® will.

We've been using enzymes in spas & hot tubs for years with great success.  Now, Pool Perfect® plus PhosFree® from Natural Chemistry® provides a similar technology specifically made for swimming pools.

Organic waste includes greases, oils, pollen & other organic matter that gradually builds up in your pool water causing it to troublesome.

Organic waste build ups lead to:

   * nasty looking scum lines that can feed or cause a bio-film
   * bad tasting water
   * sore, itchy, red eyes
   * excessive chlorine consumption - chlorine demand
   * shorter filter runs (filters clog quicker)

Regular use of Pool Perfect® plus PhosFree® leads to:

   * fresh smelling & tasting water
   * longer filter runs
   * softer, nicer feeling water
   * less skin & eye irritation
   * cleaner pool surfaces
   * more effective sanitizers - Pool Perfect can be used in ALL pools with ANY sanitizing system
   * prevention of build-ups of phosphates from chemicals, dead skin cells, etc.
   * Cleaner salt generator cells due to the "cleaning" action of the removal of carbon phosphate build-up

To learn more about enzymes, click here.

Great for use in pools with attached spas or fountains.

For POOL use only.  DO NOT use in free-standing spas or hot tubs.

Read & follow all label instructions. 100 ml per 1000 gallons of pool water.

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