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Swimming Pool Safety

Most homeowners agree that their pool is a great place to make memories. Whether you're swimming or just relaxing by the water, your pool will create thousands of fond memories of babies, children, teenagers and adults, all having fun with friends and family. Yet in all this delight, we must remember that a swimming pool has risks, just like anything else in your home. At Swim Things, we take pool safety very seriously. That's why we've taken steps to ensure that our pools meet or exceed all state and federal pool safety laws.

Homeowners will be glad to know that the swimming pool industry has made great strides in improving the safety of swimming pools. Non-slip surfaces reduce the likelihood of slips and falls. Fences and alarms add another layer of protection. (Most cities, in fact, have specific requirements for fencing around a swimming pool.) And VGB certified drain covers decrease the likelihood of drowning in a pool drastically. VGB stands for Virginia Graham Baker. She was a little girl who drowned in a pool because she got stuck to a main drain. Now main drains all have to be VGB certified as a non-entrapment style drain cover.

Swimming lessons have played a major role in improving the safety of swimming pools. In fact, specialized swimming lessons are now recommended for infants that are less than six months old. ISR, Infant Swimming Resource is one of many such organizations that promotes early “drown-proofing” of babies and children.

Another resource for pool safety is Pool Safely a national public education campaign that works with partners around the country to reduce child drownings and entrapments in swimming pools and spas. Visit their site to take the Pool Safely pledge and receive a free toolkit. Watch the Faster than a World Record PSA below.