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Bullfrog's premier 2-person hot tub

The Bullfrog A5L is the ideal spa for 1 to 3 people. This model comes from the premium "A" Series line of Bullfrog Spas, which are now the standard in the entire spa industry in quality and engineering. The Bullfrog A5L is perfect for the customer that would enjoy the most options, the most customization, and the best spa available in its class. Call us today for pricing and more information! 816-224-2600 Swim Things is the best place to find Hot Tubs in Kansas City. Bullfrog spas are the only manufacturer of spas that allows for nearly all of the spa plumbing to be in the water which creates a virtually leak proof spa. The Bullfrog A5L is an A Series spa, which means it is even more leak-proof with very little plumbing incapsulated in foam.

JetPak Therapy System®

The A Series hot tubs feature the Bullfrog patented JetPak Therapy System®. This revolutionary technology provides you with a personalized spa experience tailored to your needs. A Series spas feature a unique JetPak® in each premium seat. Each JetPak® is designed to provide a unique massage with unique wellness benefits. The JetPak Therapy System allows you to design your perfect hot tub experience with a personalized feel. You place them in your favorite seats. You dial in the therapy intensity, so it feels best for you. There is simply no comparison for a truly personalized hot tub experience.

Premium Control Systems

All A Series spas feature the premium touch screen control system. This premier intuitive system allows for the ability to control water temperature, lighting, jets, and more with ease. A Series hot tubs also feature auxiliary controls conveniently located to allow you to control your jetted massages from any place in the spa.


Each Bullfrog Spa is built on our patented EnduraFrame™ support structure, a 100% wood-free spa construction technology. Our state-of-the-art spa construction methods provide enduring support for your hot tub and the thousands of pounds of water it will hold. The molded ABS EnduraBase™, EnduraBeam™ structural columns and other EnduraFrame™ components are precision aligned the exact same way every time with no human error. With no wood to rot or warp and a highly engineered structure that fits together perfectly you can be assured that your spa will be dependable and long-lasting.

Interior Lighting

The A Series, R Series and STIL spas each feature a premium interior lighting package with lighted water feature, filter area and center logo light to enhance your nighttime spa experience. A Series spas additionally feature lighted cup holders and surround lighting to set just the right mood.

Powerful and energy efficient, these full-color LED lights produce virtually any color and distribute light throughout the spa. You can choose from a variety of effects ranging from calm cool colors to enhance your relaxing and romantic spa experience, to a slowly fading in and out of each color, to a quickly changing multi-colored light show perfect for hot tub parties.