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Introducing a new swimmer to the pool? Going on a vacation where there's a pool or ocean? Swim Things carries snorkel brands such as Swimline, Aqua Sphere, and U.S Divers. Swim Things has a variety of sets to choose from when it comes to snorkel gear. When going on an exotic vacation, there is no doubt that snorkeling in the ocean can be a very memorable experience. Many of us have gone on trips and rented equipment like this from resorts and the mask leaks water, or we put our mouths on a germ-infested snorkel. Swim Things has the masks that are sure to fit your face correctly and not have unwanted leakage. There are also snorkels for everyday swimmers called the Swimmer’s Snorkel. The Swimmer’s Snorkel is made by Finis. This snorkel is an excellent training tool for beginners. For those kids, it eliminates the need for head rotation. The center-mount design ensures that the child will be comfortable and not worrying about the snorkel itself. One of the best functions about the swimmers snorkel is that is has a one-way purge valve. This valve allows for clear, easy breathing. We mention children a lot, but any beginner can use the Swimmer’s Snorkel as it is available in both adult and children’s sizes. Whether you are looking for just a mask, or snorkel, or even in a package that gives you both you will find it here. Snorkel masks come in kids, Junior, and adult sizes. And, there is even more available in our showroom!