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Test water for pH and Chlorine balance - Use the test kit to check the levels of pH and chlorine (refer to the CHEMICAL TESTING AND TREATMENT section OF THE WEBSITE).

Brush the surfaces of the pool - Attach the wall brush to your extension pole, and brush the walls and the floor of the pool. This activity will keep settled dirt in suspension and allow the filtration system to remove it from the pool. In addition, daily brushing will help to prevent algae growth in the pool.

Check and clean the pump basket - The pump strainer baskets should be checked daily and cleaned as needed to ensure proper flow, filtration and chemical disbursement. Failure to do so can result in poor water conditions and/or equipment damage. To perform this activity, do the following:

1. Turn off the circulating pump.
2. Close valves.
3. Remove the lid from the strainer pot.
4. Remove the basket and clean out all debris.
5. Replace basket and lid. (make sure lid "o" ring is in place)
6. Open valves.
7. Turn pump on to re-prime. Bleed air from Filter.

NOTE: Make sure to replace damaged baskets, lids or "o" rings immediately to ensure safe and efficient pump operation.

Use the net to skim debris off the surface or floor – This activity will not only keep the pool surface clean, it will also serve to prevent the skimmer and drain openings from becoming blocked with debris.

Empty and clean skimmer baskets – Regular cleaning of the skimmer baskets will provide for the effective flow of water through the skimmer system. Be sure the proper handles are in place. The handles add weight to keep basket in place.