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SWIMMING POOL FILTER AND VALVE: The large tank on the equipment pad is the pool filter. The purpose of this equipment is to remove small particles from the pool water. This is accomplished as the water flows through the sand that is contained inside the filter tank. The large valve connected to the filter tank controls the flow of water through the filter. NEVER CHANGE THE SETTING OF THIS VALVE UNLESS YOU FIRST TURN OFF THE PUMP! Because the filter is designed to trap dirt and small debris, regular cleaning is essential. Refer to the step-by-step instructions regarding filter cleaning in the POOL MAINTENANCE section.

MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT: Provided with your swimming pool is a set of cleaning and maintenance tools, which will enable you to perform routine care. This equipment includes:

8' x 16' extension pole
Pool vacuum hose
Vacuum cleaning head
Wall/floor brush
Vacuum hose skimmer plate
Leaf net
Pool water testing kit

The use of this equipment is described in the POOL MAINTENANCE section.