Super Gizzmo

Price: $9.99

Product Code: MWGIZ3

Many pool owners put a regular plug in their skimmer line but clearly the ideal gadget for this task is a Gizzmo, which is a long, green tube that threads into the skimmer line and is hollow in the middle with a cap on top. This inexpensive device allows for all the air to be pumped out the skimmer line without the chance of water getting back in.
How the Gizzmo works
Every pool has a skimmer.
When water freezes, it expands.
When water freezes it expands.
The expansion breaks the skimmer
The expansion breaks the skimmer.
The Gizzmo absorbs the expansion
The Gizzmo absorbs the expansion.
The water crushes the Gizzmo instead of the skimmer.
The water crushes the gizzmo instead of the skimmer.

Installation of the Gizzmo
The Gizzmo is designed to absorb the expansion of winter freeze-up in skimmers only.
Winterize lines and pool as per manufacturer or dealer instructions.
There are many ways to winterize a pool. Consult your local pool service technician about which method you should use.
Remove basket from Skimmer
Remove dirt and debris from skimmer.
Screw in Gizzmo until threads tighten and make a seal with the skimmer.