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Swim caps are worn for many different purposes by recreational and competitive swimmers. Some of the main reasons that swim caps are worn consist of; keeping your hair relatively dry and free of chlorinated water, keeping sun off of your hair, and if you have long hair swim caps keep hair out of your face. If you want to increase your speed in the water, swim caps can reduce drag by keeping your hair tightly secured under your cap. If you need a swim cap for competing or recreational purposes Swim Things has many options for you. Swim Things carries one size fits all swim caps that are Speedo brand. These swim caps come in a variety of colors and material. The swim caps come in three different materials which are silicone, latex, and lycra. First, silicone swim caps are the highest quality of the three types. This is a competition material and is very lightweight and durable. Silicone caps also pull hair less that latex caps. These caps are contoured to fit your head perfectly. Secondly, latex caps are the most cost-effective caps. They are also meant for competition and are a little thinner than the silicone caps. Finally, lycra swim caps are designed 100% to keep your hair out of your face and for comfort. This is NOT a competition swim cap, and many children prefer to wear these caps because they do not pull their hair. Swim Things has hundreds and hundreds of swim caps in stock in our showroom and many available online.