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The R Series spas include many of the same great features as A Series spas. These spas have one less jetpak than their A Series counterparts. All of the R Series spas are molded with the same mold as a similar A Series model. R Series spas come with stainless steel jets standard here at Swim Things and are made to look much like the premium spa. R Series spas use a more simplified digital control panel which is very easy to operate. Because these spas use the same wood-free design as the A Series spas, they are considered to be just as reliable as any A Series spa. The biggest difference between the R Series and A Series spas is the price.

R5L R6 R6L
Bullfrog Spas R5L Hot Tub Bullfrog Spas R6 Hot Tub Bullfrog Spas R6L Hot Tubs

R7 R7L R8
Bullfrog Spas R7 Hot Tub
Bullfrog Spas A7L Hot Tub Bullfrog spas R8 hot tub


Bullfrog Spas R8L Hot Tub