Biodex Protect All

Price: $29.99

Product Code: BDPAO32BS

(Contains no Phosphonic Acid) A Bio-Dex Laboratories Special Formulation! Super Concentrated One quart treats 20,000 gallons. Maintenance dose: 3-4 oz. per 20,000 gallons weekly or 12 oz monthly. Controls swimming pool stain, scale, calcium, rust and corrosion. * This product will not add phosphates to the water. * Raise water, apply product, remove scale in 48 hours. * Removes and prevents stain and scale. * Controls metal including iron, rust and corrosion problems. * Helps to stabilize PH. * Completely stable and highly effective. * Removes stains as shown in the pictures below A great product to use when filling a new pool, and a must for keeping the pool surface looking like new! BIO-DEX PRODUCTS ARE GUARANTEED TO WORK WHEN USED AS DIRECTED. Available for delivery in Blue Springs. View all our products available for delivery.