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Deciding on Embroidery or Screen Printing

It is best to chose Screen Printing for suits, as the polyester inks used will hold up better in the water, while embroidery is best for Backpacks and warm-ups. Towels can be embroidered, and microfiber towels can be Screen Printed. Mesh Bags are most commonly Screen Printed on the solid area.

Considering a Suit for Customization

When choosing a suit it is best to pick a solid or a splice. Prints are not advisable as the logo can be lost in the print of the suit. Screen printing cannot be accurately put on areas where there is a seam from a splice, in these instances, it is best to choose a location away from the splice area.

Screen Printing

What are Screens?
Consider screens as stencils that the ink is put through onto the material, and each color used needs a screen. When calculating the cost of the customized garment you have to look and see how many colors your logo has, and this will tell you how many screens you have.

The standard customized logo locations are as follows:

Custom Capabilities
Women's Suit
Center Chest
Men's Brief
Left Hip
Men's Jammer
Left Leg

Logos can be placed in other locations, as long as the splice or seam is not in the way for screening. Also, in some instances the brand logo is on the left side of the men's suit, in which case the logo usually goes on the opposite side.

Logo Sizes

In most cases, you will have one size for the center chest on the women's suit and another size for the men's jammer. Consider that each size logo will require a new set of Screen Fees as a new screen (stencil if you will) will need to be created for each size logo. Also, if you get really small sizes you might need an extra screen for those smaller sizes.


QTY 1 2 3 4
12-35 $4.00 $4.75 $5.75 Call for Quote
36-71 $2.75 $3.25 $4.25 Call for Quote
72+ $3.25 $3.75 $4.75 Call for Quote
  • Screen Fees are $20/Color (and for each size of the logo).
  • Artwork needs to be in .eps or .pdf format.
  • 5 Business Day Turnaround time from receiving artwork and order confirmation, then your choice of shipping method time.


Basic Text of Block (Calisto Font) or Cursive (Brushed Script Font) can be used for the standard text price (see chart). Other simple fonts can be chosen in limited choices. The price of the text will be for each garment.

If you want a very specific font, you will most likely need to have it Digitized (See Digitizing Fees). The Digitizing Fee is a one-time fee. And the cost per garment will be the same as the standard pricing (See Chart)


All logos will need to be Digitized and will have Digitizing Fees associated with the size of the Design/Logo (See Chart). Digitizing fees are based on the size of the logo. The Digitizing Fee is a one-time fee, and then fee of the logo based on size per garment.


Digitizing is when a file is changed from an image for print to an image for sewing. Each part of the design must be carefully chosen to guide the needle and the thread to re-create the logo for embroidery. The file is specific to size, so if you need a logo one size, and another logo a different size, there would be two digitizing fees for each logo.





$9.00 SMALL $50.00 SMALL $20.00
$15.00 MEDIUM $75.00 MEDIUM $20.00
$20.00 LARGE $100.00 LARGE $30.00
$30.00 X-LARGE $150.00 X-LARGE $30.00


SMALL 8x4 7x5 6x6 7x3 6x4 5x5
or smaller
MEDIUM 10x6 9x7 8x8 9x5 8x6 7x7
LARGE 13x18 11x9 10x10 11x7 10x8 9x9
X-LARGE 14x10 13x11 12x12 13x10 12x11 11x11