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Vacuum the pool - The pool should be vacuumed at least once each week or as often as needed to keep the pool free of dirt and debris. Regular brushing will extend the time between vacuuming.

1. Check the filter pressure gauge; clean filter if needed. If a filter becomes clogged the water flow will be reduced and the filter pressure will drop (watch out for this).
2. Lay out the vacuuming equipment:
3. Lay the hose across the pool with one end by the skimmer.
4. Attach the vacuum plate to the fixed end of the hose to be connected to the skimmer
5. Fill the vacuum hose with water by holding the other end over the return jet or submerge the hose in the water.
6. Attach the swivel end of the hose to the vacuum head, and then attach the head to the pole. Place vacuum assemble in to the water.
7. Attach the vacuum plate to the skimmer. (make sure skimmer basket is in place)
8. Adjust all pool suction valves except the skimmer where the hose is attached. You want the most flow though the vacuum assembly with out over working the pump.
9. Vacuum the pool. Go slow and watch filter pressure, it might be necessary to back wash your filter then resume vacuuming.
10. When finished open all pool suction valves; disassemble vacuum equipment.
11. Brush the pool (see brushing instructions)
Clean filter if needed. Bleed air out of filter.

NOTE: Store vacuuming equipment away from direct sunlight and laying flat.

Clean the filter - The filter should be cleaned whenever the pressure gauge rises 10 psi over clean operating pressure or once per week, whichever occurs first. (The filter can become so dirty that flow is reduced and the pressure drop.)

1. Roll out the backwash hose.
2. Turn OFF the circulating pump.
Change the position of the filter valve to the "BACKWASH" position.
3. Turn the circulating pump ON, bleed air from the tank and allow it to run for 3 to 5 minutes.
4. Turn the circulating pump OFF.
5. Change the position of the filter valve to the "RINSE" position.
6. Turn the circulating pump ON and allow it to run for 30 seconds.
7. Turn the circulating pump OFF.
8. Change the position of the filter valve to the "FILTER" position.
9. Turn the circulating pump ON, bleed air from the tank and roll up the backwash hose.

Re-fill the chlorine feeder – This function is essential in order to provide for the consistent disbursement of chlorine into the pool water.

1. Turn the regulator valve on the chlorine feeder to the OFF position.
2. Remove the lid to the canister. Stand clear of the chlorinator when opening (escaping fumes can be hazardous).
3. Turn off the circulating pump long enough for the water in the chamber to drain.
4. Carefully drop in one chlorine tablet at a time to re-fill the canister. Protect your eyes from any splash.
5. Check o-ring then Replace the lid.
6. Start the pump and bleed air from the filter tank.
7. Open the regulator valve to the desired setting.
8. Wash hands thoroughly after handling any chemicals.

Hose off the pool deck – Use your garden hose to flush dirt and debris away from the edge of the pool. This will reduce the amount of dirt or debris that can blow or be tracked into the pool. Debris let on the deck can cause slick areas and staining.

Clean the ladders or handrail – Use a cloth dampened with water, or lightly spray Windex onto the rail. Brasso (or similar products) can be use to polish stained Rails.

Clean the pool water line and inside of the skimmers – Use a swimming pool safe cleaner with a hand-brush and protective gloves to clean away oil deposits.