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Our timeline video is an incredible visual of the work Swim Things can do for you. Learn what a pool looks like during construction.

First during our timeline video, we come in with a machine and dig your pool. Sometimes we run into rock or other natural elements in the ground that we have to account for. In the video, you can see that we dig the pool and then have to break up some rock. You will also notice that after our hole is perfectly done, a huge amount of rain comes in and destroys the work that has been done. The walls caved in and the work had to be re-done. This part of the video tells you a lot about our company. We will stick with your project until completion.

The next part of the video (after the re-dig) shows the installation of the steel walls. Swim Things elects to use steel walls on our vinyl-lined pools because steel is extremely strong and can withstand the elements.

Next, we come in and pour the concrete decking and add gravel to the bottom of the pool.

After the concrete is cured and the gravel is leveled, we then come in with a vermiculite mixture called “Pool Krete” and trial in the floor. This is a very impressive part on the video where you can see the craftsmanship of our highly-skilled construction team. The vinyl liner is then hung, and the pool is ready for enjoyment.

Not pictured in this video is the landscaping portion. We work with several landscapers to provide an amazing space for you. Swim Things will ensure a flat level area around the pool, giving you versatility in whatever landscaping you are wanting to accomplish.