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SWIMMING POOL PLUMBING: The filtration plumbing system for your pool has two branches, suction and return. The suction lines consist of the skimmers, located at the pool surface and the circulating drains (not all swimming pools have these), and located in the deep section of the pool. These lines carry the water from the pool to the filtration equipment. The return plumbing consists of the pool returns and pool cleaner line, which carry filtered water from the filtration equipment back to the pool.

SUCTION PLUMBING VALVES: These valves control the flow between the skimmer and main drain lines. For normal operation, these valves should be in the "open" position (drain valves should never be open on their own). This allows for the equal flow of water between the drain and skimmer plumbing. There will be occasions, however, when you will need to use either the drain or skimmer lines for cleaning functions, such as vacuuming or brushing. Refer to the step-by-step instructions regarding these functions in the POOL MAINTENANCE section