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Which Goggles Are Right For You?

Here at Swim Things we know that not everyone has the same face size and shape. If fact, we know that is a huge variable in what makes goggles fit. Some people have wide eyes, a wider head, or a skinnier face. With so much diversity, why would Swim Things just carry one type for everyone? We wouldn’t and we don’t. Therefore, we know that there will be a variety of preferences in demand. That's why we carry a large variety of styles and brands that are always stocked full Goggle brands such as Speedo, TYR, and Malmsten are goggle brands here at Swim Things. If you prefer the Speedo goggle the styles you will find are; Vanquisher, Optical Vanquisher, Women's Vanquisher, Vanquisher 2.0 Plus, Victory, Speed Socket, Hydrospex, Hydrosity, women's resilience goggle, Skoogle, Tye Dye, Splasher, Sprint, Sweedish, and more. If you are looking for TYR goggles you will find; FlexFrame, TechnoFlex 2.0 and 4.0, RaceTech, Swimple, and more. Malmsten Sweedish goggles are also available. Each one of these goggles provide a unique fit for your unique face. Many of these goggles are available in kids, Jr., and adult sizes. With the goggle brands and styles that Swim Things carries there are many options from silicone cushioned eyes to foam cushioned, clear or tinted eye options, nose clip width options and more. Whatever your preferences and needs are with goggles, Swim Things has the right fit for you. Even if you wear a prescription, we can assist you with the correct fit for you eyes!