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Filtration- Your pool maintenance can be broken into two major categories, Water Chemistry and Filtration. Most pool owners focus on Water Chemistry more than filtration and can get frustrated when the pool water doesn't look the way they want. Your filtration system consists of multiple parts, all of which need to be maintained in order to keep your system working well. The first part is the skimmer, this is the housing on the side of the pool that catches large debris through the use of a basket. This skimmer basket should be cleaned weekly or as needed. If your skimmer basket is clogged with debris your pump and filter will not work as well. The second part is the pump. Your pump is the engine that moves all the water through your pool. It also has a basket that collects smaller debris and needs to be cleaned on a weekly or as needed basis. The third part and most critical to water clarity is your filter. The filter is what traps the smallest debris like algae and bacteria and also needs to be cleaned weekly or as needed. If you maintain all three areas of your filtration system your pool will be ready to be chemically balanced and you will have crystal clear water.

Cleaning- In addition to letting your filtration system clean your pool, you will need to perform some manual cleaning of the pool to make sure all debris is removed. This job consists of Brushing, skimming and vacuuming. Brushing your pool will be the best method for preventing algae growth and keeping small debris stirred up so your system can filter it out. Skimming is used for larger debris like leaves and twigs and will be helpful to keep the pool looking good. Vacuuming is a complete cleaning of the pool floor and will remove all small and large debris. Manual vacuuming is done through your filtration system, so everything you vacuum up will end up in your skimmer basket, pump basket or filter. You can also utilize an automatic vacuum cleaner which will perform this task everyday at a specified time.

Water Chemistry- Crucial to controlling bacteria levels as well as maintaining a crystal clear pool, water chemistry is very important to the day to day operation of your pool. Although there are many opinions, choices and devices that try to help with maintaining proper water chemistry, most come down to three basic principles. The first is Sanitation, which is mostly achieved with the use of chlorine. Chlorine is used in residential and commercial swimming pools to kill most algae and bacteria, which are the main cause of cloudy water. If you can maintain 1-3ppm of chlorine in your pool at all times your pool will be 99% bacteria free. The Second principle is Balance, which is simply the water quality factors of pH, Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness. These factors will determine if your pool is acidic or basic, and if your pool is acidic it will be uncomfortable to swim in because of eye irratation, itchy skin, and drying of the skin. If your pool is basic it will be dull and hazy and your sanitizer will be ineffective. The Third principle is Maintenance, which is the prevention of algae, controlling of stains, and removing nuisances like phosphates and nitrates. A good program of weekly dose chemicals will help all these areas, we recommend a system of chemicals from BioDex, which is an industrial strength chemical manufacturer.