Brilliance Start Up
Brilliance Start-Up Bromine

Price: $5.99

Product Code: BQ749BS

Introducing Brilliance for Spas. Brilliance Spa and Hottub chemicals lets you care for your spa without the harsh effects of chlorine. So it's gentler on you. And because Brilliance for spas is three steps, it's also easy to use. A Brilliant solution for you and your spa Unlike other bromine-based spa care systems, Brilliance is completely chlorine-free. So there's less odor and less irritation to your eyes and skin. Brilliance for Spas is also easy on your spa. Unlike other bromine or chlorine-based products, Brilliance won't upset the delicate balance of your spa's water chemistry. Adapting your spa from chlorine to Brilliance is easy. It takes just minutes, and you'll be relaxing again in no time. Achieve Brilliance in three simple steps First, simply add the Brilliance Sanitizer to your floater. This product sanitizes and oxidizes in one convenient step, performing two jobs at once. Then, once a week, add in Brilliance Metal & Scale Control and Shock. That's it! clear, chlorine-free spa water in just three steps. Available for delivery only in Blue Springs. View all our products available for delivery.

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