Baquacil Filter Cleaner

Price: $12.99

Product Code: BQ391BS

One of the strongest and most effective cleaners for all types of filters. Use at least twice a season to ensure good water quality and optimum filtration. Dissolves and removes collected debris, scale, rust, and organic waste from sand filters. Cleans and frees up plugged diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filter grids and cartridge filter elements. A filter should be chemically cleaned at least twice a season (middle and end of season) with an acid based cleaner such as BAQUACIL FILTER CLEANER to dislodge any deeply embedded dirt or break up and remove any debris such as grease, oil or scale. If you keep your pool open year round, we suggest you chemically clean your filter three times a year. Tips: Preventing Cloudy Water 1. Run your filter 8-12 continuous hours a day. 2. Use Baquacil Cartridge Filter Cleaner cleaner twice during the season to keep you filter operating properly. 3. Have an authorized Baquacil dealer analyse your water once a month. 4. Always perform routine housekeeping.Available for delivery in Blue Springs. View all our products available for delivery.

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