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Texas Rec makes many of the most popular floats and vests. There are a huge variety of floats available at Swim Things for people of all sizes and weights. These floats range significantly in quality and thickness. Texas Rec also makes a special kind of float called a Pool Saddle. The Pool Saddle is one of the most uniquely designed pool floats available. Shaped like a saddle, it allows the swimmer to sit on it while under water, giving the user an underwater floating feeling. These are popular in lakes, pools, and any other body of water. Texas Rec also makes all of Swim Things Coast Guard Approved life vests.

Do you have pets that love the water? Do you have a dog? If you answered yes to both of these, Swim Things has what you need at a discounted price. The Doggie Vest is the best float in the industry for pets. Made from the same foam as the Coast Guard Approved children’s vests, you can be sure your pet is safe in the water without having to watch their every move.

With an abundance of styles to choose from, Swim Things is your one-stop shop for everything floats and swimming. Texas Rec is one of the most respected brands in the industry because of their focus on safety. That same focus makes them a perfect match with our ownership. Focusing on that safety first is very important to us. Call us at 1-888-242-7946 today to check out all the merchandise not listed!