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With every spa sold, Swim Things includes SilkBalance, the best spa chemical in the industry. SilkBalance is a very unique blend of thirteen ingredients. SilkBalance is very well known for being a non-harsh chemical, which moisturizes your skin, buffers the alkalinity and pH, and helps to eliminate biofilms found in everyday water. Most spa users understand that using a hot tub daily gives you dry skin. It is a fact that chlorinated water dries out your skin. SilkBalance does the opposite. It moisturizes as you use it. You do not feel like you have to go inside and put on lotion or take a shower because of a bad smell.

Spas generally use bromine or chlorine, which are both extremely harsh chemicals. Spa chlorine is nine times stronger than Clorox Bleach! Most people don’t know this startling statistic. One of the best parts about using SilkBalance in your spa is that you no longer have to worry about the safety of your water; in fact, you don’t even have to test it. It balances your pH and alkalinity, giving you perfect water every time. One huge bacteria problem in spas comes from biofilms. Biofilms are the same bacteria you can find in anything in nature. You find them on your teeth if you haven’t brushed for a day or two, or in the morning. You find them in pools and spas as well. SilkBalance eliminates these better than any other product in the industry and kills Biofilms that chlorine does not kill.